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Who are you and why should I read it?

We are Quantopy, s.r.o.. Our company number is 04601831 and we are registered in the Companies Register kept by Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 90886. You can find us at Bohuslava Martinu 41A, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

You are using Quantopy to build your personal dataset by collecting data into it. This document clarifies the scope of the data, our use policy, and the impact it has on you and your privacy.

Can you expand upon it a bit?

Lets make one thing absolutely clear. Without your explicit permission, no one including us has access to your personal dataset. This is by design and by default. Besides that, in your personal dataset there is only one information we need to access and use automatically. It's your email address which we need and do use for signing you up and to communicate with you.

We can access other information in your personal dataset only with your prior permission and use it only for the purposes you choose. Whenever you withdraw your permission or close your account, we automatically lose access to that information. Furthermore, you can review all your information, its source of origin, and the purpose of use. Always and without exceptions.

It is up to you to decide what happens to your personal dataset and as such, we provide you with control over it. This includes your right to view, access, update and download your data.

What information you have, why you have it, how you (do not) use it will be from now on in your own hands. We simply don’t do anything with your personal dataset without your prior permission and without your prior knowledge; either by specifying it here or in the application. It is that simple.

Can you provide me with answers to any further questions?

If you'd like more information you can contact us anytime at mari.quan@quantopy.com.